Who we are…

   Hello and welcome! I’m Bob Genovese owner/operator of LETBOBFIXIT.COM. If you’re a homeowner, rest assured, you’ve come to the RIGHT place! We’re a family owned company and we’ve been in the home repair, maintenance and improvements business for over 70 years. Originating in Brooklyn, we’re currently located in the heart of Central New Jersey and we do our best to service most areas here in the Garden State. Our goal is simple, and is the same today as it was the day my dad started his company, that is to provide you the homeowner, with the highest level of professional service at reasonable rates that won’t break the bank! We understand owning and maintaining a home can sometimes be an overwhelming responsibility, physically, financially and yes, even emotionally. Why waste your time, money and energy taking on a project you’re not absolutely certain you can perform quickly and safely while achieving the professional results you desire, when you can just LET BOB FIX IT!
    Even if you’re a “weekend warrior” type and enjoy working on your own home, inevitably you’re going to encounter a situation that is, well… for one reason or another, beyond your abilities. Unfortunately, so many homeowners choose to venture ill prepared beyond this point and attempt to perform their own home repairs in an effort to save money. All too often this acts to exacerbate the original problem, further increasing the difficulty and expense of the final professional repair. Also of concern are the many elderly folks who injure themselves trying to perform dangerous tasks like climbing ladders or trying to lift heavy objects, things best left to a professional. Please don’t be that homeowner! Here’s where LET BOB FIX IT! can be your greatest asset! Allow us to help you help yourself.
    From plumbing and heating repairs and installations, to electrical, carpentry, drywall, tile and beyond, one call literally does it all! (Yes, we change washers in leaky faucets too!) Maybe you already started a project and once into it, discovered you were in over your head. Maybe you just ran out of time or got discouraged and walked away, leaving it for “another day”, then just never seemed to get around to finishing up. That’s okay, we’ve all been there! We specialize in unfinished, problematic and even “botched” work left behind by others who “band-aided” the problem and ran away with your hard earned cash. Whether it be small “around the house and yard” tasks or larger renovation projects, LETBOBFIXIT.COM is your one stop shopping for getting it done and done right!
    Contact us today for a FREE and IN-PERSON assessment and estimate of your home project. It costs you NOTHING and could potentially save you thousands of dollars and precious time. Emergency services are available as needed 24 hours, 7 days per week. We’re here to serve all your home repair and maintenance needs. Don’t hesitate, call now. Put our vast experience and skills to work for you, and help protect the value of the largest investment you’ll ever make in your lifetime, your precious home. Thank you for visiting, we look forward to speaking with you and remember, if it’s broken, LET BOB FIX IT! Have a great day!